Crystal Ombra

New design improves bottlecage’s grip on the bottle
  • Transparent to monitor liquid level
  • High flow membrane valve technology
  • High liquid flow
  • BPA Free
Tech info
  • New Design:the bottle features a new, efficient and sports-like design. Its standard 74 mm diameter means you can use it with all traditional bottlecageson the market. The bottle has a lowered upper part that improves stability inside the bottlecage while cycling, so you won't hear those annoying vibrations caused by the friction between bottlecage and bottle. It also guarantees a firm gripon the bottle under any circumstance (cross country, dirt roads and so on).
  • Membrane valve technology: the new cap features a bigger and softer nozzle designed to make liquid flow much easier.
  • Ideal for competitions: the new cap is especially suited for competitions as it features three main things:
    • A bigger, soft rubber push-pull nozzle makes it ergonomic and easy to open and close while cycling;
    • Easy unscrewing to clean and refill the bottle;
    • Snap-fit safety opening so it's not an obstacle should it accidentally fall under the wheels.
  • Squeezable: A feature of the bottle body that eases liquid flow.
  • Transparent: the bottle is totally transparent thanks to the raw material used, the accuracy of the mouldsand ELITE's advanced production process, so you can always see how much liquid you have left.
  • Hygienic: the bottle is made in K-Resin, an innovative plastic material, excellent in preventing bacterial growth. K-Resin, a raw material well-suited for medical applications, is considered the safest material in the creation of food-grade containers as it guarantees to be bacteria-free and have the highest degree of chemical purity and hygiene.
  • High capacity: the bottle is compact yet holds a great deal of liquids while cycling -it's available in two versions, 550ml and 750ml.
  • Food Safety: the bottle adheres to the CE and FDA rulings concerning materials that come into contact with foodstuffs.
  • BPA Free: Bottle components are totally BPA (BisphenolA) Free.
  • Recyclability: Materials are 100% recyclable (in the conventional recycling channels).
  • Max liquid temperature 23°C
  • Dishwasher safe