Turbo Muin Use 100% of your energy by exchanging the rear wheel of your bike with Turbo Muin.
  • The first and only direct transmission home trainer with integrated fluid resistance technology
  • Progressive resistance that gradually increases with speed
  • High power output: ideal for cadence, power and speed-based training sessions

App included

Compatible with

  • Internal flywheel: smooth road-like pedaling for all types of training
  • Direct Power Transmission: The direct transmission of power output is achieved through a direct connection between the trainer and the bicycle’s chain. This design eliminates all forms of slippage-when starting, accellerating or during the most intense sprints.
  • Integrated Fluid Resistance Technology: A wide range of resistance levels and a high degree of pedaling smoothness come from an integrated resistance unit that uses Elite designed silicone oil
  • Easy to use: Substitute your bicycle’s rear wheel with Turbo Muin and start training right away, as if you were on the road.
  • Super Quiet: Fluid based resistance and the direct transmission of effort eliminate the high noise levels associated with indoor training.
  • Self-adjusting Progressive Resistance: Fluid resistance, similar to the air resistance experienced on the road, gradually increases with speed; use higher gears for power-based training and lower gears for base level and rpm training . The wide range of resistance covers both the needs of the pro-level athlete and the amateur.
  • Stable Power Output and Durable: The strong die-cast resistance unit housing with cooling fins and the integrated cooling fan keep resistance unit temperature low and stabilize power output during maximum-effort training sessions.
  • Compatible with the My E-Training App (1-month free subscription, "Level training" is free to use without limit)
  • Compatible with Misuro B+ (Speed/Power/Cadence sensor)
  • Stable and foldable frame: just fold it and store it once you’re done training
  • For Road and MTB bikes*
  • Also available for thru-axle bicycles: compatible with bike with 10/12 diameter Thru-axle and chainstay width ranging from 135 to 150 mm. + 50% Power than standard Turbo Muin.
  • Compatible with Shimano 9/10/11 speed cassettes**
* 5mm diameter quick release – compatible hubs: 130, 135mm

** a freehub compatible with Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed cassettes is available

Use cabled sensors on the Turbo Muin hometrainer, sensors integrated into bicycle frame are not compatible. Contact us for any information.


App My E-Training:  an exciting and technically sophisticated virtual coach that travels with you whatever your destination. Manage power, heart rate, speed, time and distance directly from your smartphone or  tablet with the My E-Training App.

My E-Training includes:

  • My RealVideo: train with Elite RealVideos and download hundreds of free user-created My RealVideos
  • Base Training: constant power training sessions**, levels, pre-set programs
  • Conconi test: establish your anaerobic threshold value.
  • Training test: an evaluation test that helps you create month-long personalized indoor training programs.
  • Maps races: create races the world over with Google Maps.
  • Multiple users: the app allows for multiple users on the same device.
  • Easier training program creation: all-new graphics editor simplifies program creation.
  • Video Playlist: create a playlist from training videos on your device.
  • Share results: to track of your performance over time, training data can be saved, exported (CSV - comma separated values, Strava Tcx format) or shared on social media.


what do the experts say?
La Bicicletta - Turbo Muin thumb
"Of the power output, just as if you really were riding on the road [...] The Fluid resistance unit guarantees unprecedented smoothness and quietness"
220MAG - TURBO MUIN thumb
"The TurboMuin is a fluid unit so it’s silky-smooth and virtually silent – whispering through the test warm-up at just 15 decibels.The resistance is impressively progressive, going from almost non-existent to full-on grind as you work
Fiets - Turbo Muin thumb
The first and only fluid-resistance direct transmission trainer
Functionality: 4,5/5
Quality/price ratio: 4/5"
"We conducted our test by making different types of cyclists ride on the Turbo Muin: a former pro rider turned trainer, an amateur and a triathlete.…
"The product is very stable [...] We must point out how pace changes are swift and realistic, without any skipping or latency"
+ quiet, stable, reactive
"A superbly silent and simple route to efficient direct-drive training"
+ "Realistisches Fahrgefühl"
+ "sehr einfache Einstellung der Rolle"
"Pedalling is round and realistic. It's quiet and engages you with pro-like power levels"
Questions&Answers for Turbo Muin
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  14. I'm using a Garmin device on my bicycle with a speed/cadence sensor and ANT+ heart rate monitor. Are these sufficient to monitor my training sessions or do I need addtional ELITE sensors?

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