Qubo Digital The power of electronics to control your training in every details

Qubo digital is an ANT encoded, electronically-adjusted magnetic roller controllable by control unit and wireless management.
Guaranteeing control and performance, it keeps every moment of your training monitored and follows you in your progress​


Magnetic resistance unit with wireless electronic adjustment by cycle-computer

The head unit has a large display with 4 lines and 5 information fields for monitoring your ride

During training, the ANT encoded cycle-computer allows you to display:

- Speed
- Power
- Cadence
- Heart-rate (works with ANT+ bands)
- Distance
- Time
- Training heart-rate zones

3 training modes:
- 16 levels
- Constant power
- Preset programmes (10)

Qubo frame for rapid initial set-up, roller pressure is set automatically by rider weight, no calibration required.

Thanks to the exclusive compass system, the frame moves to simulate the behaviour of the bicycle on the road

Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single action

Elastogel roller for less noise and better tyre grip