Dongle Ant+

This dongle connects Apple devices to all ANT+ sensors (heart rate monitors, speed & cadence sensors, and so on) and to all Elite ANT hometrainers. It also connects to the My E-Training app to display training data** and interact with Elite ANT hometrainers.

Compatible with

Tech info
Here’s a list of Elite hometrainers that feature the ANT wireless data transmission:
- RealPower ANT
- RealAxiom ANT
- RealAxiom B+
- RealTour ANT
- RealTour B+
- Real E-motion
- Real E-motion B+
- Real Turbo Muin
- Real Turbo Muin B+
- Qubo Digital
- Qubo Digital Smart B+
- Arion Digital
- Arion Digital Smart B+
- Supercrono Forte
- Drivo
- Rampa
iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer and iPod Touch 5th gen or newer need an Apple adapter to use this dongle.

**Non-ANT Elite hometrainers need an ANT+ sensor to transfer training data to the My E-Training app.