Real Hometrainers 2015/2016

ELITE Real hometrainers for the 2015/2016 season use the ANT + FE-C communication protocol

This protocol enables other devices with the same protocol (including Garmin/Mio cycle computers, smartphones, apps such as Kinomap, Zwift software and so on) to manage and communicate with the hometrainer.

The firmware on some ANT Real hometrainers (RealAxiom ANT, Real Turbo Muin ANT, RealTour ANT and Real E-motion ANT) can also be upgraded to the new FE-C protocol.
To do so, please make sure that there's a FIRMWARE UPGRADABLE sticker below the resistance unit.
By the end of the year we’ll release a free software that enables this upgrade, you'll find it in the download section of the website.