L'Eroica: timeless glory

A new line of products for those who wish to relive the glories of legendary champions who made cycling history


Real Hometrainers 2015/2016

ELITE Real hometrainers for the 2015/2016 season use the ANT + FE-C communication protocol


Elite Protocol open to developers

Are you a programmer who’s working on an app or have you already created one?

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Elite Smarter Training

Go to the next level!

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How it's made: Elite Bottles

Go behind the scenes


Candea: LEDs get noticed!

Safety Light Bottle: unquestionably noticeable.


Tri Box

Organize your equipment for faster transitions.


Ronda Sport

Single Arm Bicycle Carrier compatible with all frames and wheel sizes. Super safe transport

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Elite Hometrainers take center stage on SKY - Bike Channel!

Direct transmission, the freedom of rollers or traditional hometrainers


Real Turbo Muin

Electronic, Fluid and Magnetic Technology


App My E-Training 2.0

Available for iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets

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Do you want to know more about Real Turbo Muin?

The features of the New Elite Real Trainer


Turbo Muin: Super Quiet

You only hear the sound of your bike

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BMC Racing Team with Elite

Another winning season with Elite bottles and cages continues for The BMC Racing Team.


RealAxiom. Train in. Win out!

The new Swing System frame ensures excellent training biomechanics and a realistic road-like experience


Leggero Carbon: how much does a second weigh?

No excessive weight means a faster rider!

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Elite Turbo Muin: Total Power = Total Training

The first and only direct transmission home trainer with integrated fluid resistance technology


Turn your outdoor training into My RealVideos

My RealVideo is a free app that records any course you like with your Smartphone and lets you relive it later on a Real home trainer

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