L'Eroica: timeless glory

A new line of products for those who wish to relive the glories of legendary champions who made cycling history

The Bottle

  • Classic Design: the shape of the aluminum bottle – every single one is handmade -matches those you see in old, early 20th century classic cycling black and white photos.
  • A string connects the cork cap and the bottle, just as it happened in days of yore.
  • Finish: the external part is satin-finished, giving the bottle a unique look. 
  • Capacity 600 ml, diameter 74 mm.

The Bottle Cage

  • The shape of the handlebar-mounted aluminum bottlecage is inspired by those used in the past
  • Finish: the bottlecage is made in opaque, satin-finished aluminum where the EROICA logo is carved, for an instantly recognizable product.
  • Firm grip on the bottle: the bottlecage features a lever-closing system that holds the bottle steadily even on those dirt roads where many classic cycling competitions are still being held.
  • ​Available in the single (one bottle) or double (two bottles) versions