Elite Smarter Training

Go to the next level!

Smarter Training is ELITE's all-new hometraining concept that fine-tunes training sessions based on cyclist's abilities - from amateur to professional.

ELITE's Smarter Training hometrainers wirelessly send training data using a double protocol, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

This is the easiest way to turn your training session into an interactive and stimulating experience as the REALSOFTWARE and the MY E-TRAINING APP are very easy to use on these hometrainers, be it on a Windows PC or Notebook or iOS / Android smartphones and tablets, or even third parties apps or software such as ZWIFT, TRAINERROAD, KINOMAP, BKOOL and so on.

 The Smarter Training range includes:

  • Realtrainer B+
  • Trainer Smart B+
  • Misuro B+
Realtrainer B+ is ELITE's top range of electronic products. They connect wirelessly to a PC to give you a complete and unique training experience. They include Real Turbo Muin B+, RealAxiom B+, RealTour B+, Real E-Motion B+ and Qubo Digital Smart B+*.

Their wireless connection is two-way, so from hometrainer to PC it keeps track of training data and from PC to hometrainer it manages resistance levels; this is how you can train on an ELITE Realvideo and have the video images sync with the hometrainer resistance as the hometrainer applies it based on the slope you're facing.
These Realtrainer B+ send training data wirelessly both with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols. Independently from communication technology used, these protocols are able to send training info from the trainer and to change the resistance level.

ANT+ FE-C means ANT+ Fitness Equipment Control - it's the new ANT open, universal standard for a real-time wireless resistance adjustment on many Fitness tools. Up until the adoption of this standard ELITE and many other wireless hometrainer producers had to use a dedicated wireless communication protocol to manage resistance, so hometrainers could only interact with that producer's software or app. By using this ANT+ FE-C protocol ELITE allows the user to train not just by connecting to a PC through REALSOFTWARE or to smartphone and tablet via MY E-TRAINING but also all third parties software and apps using that ANT+ FE-C protocol such as ZWIFT, TRAINERROAD, KINOMAP, BKOOL and so on. 
Moreover, the latest cycle computers that include the ANT+ FE-C or the Bluetooth Smart protocols can directly manage all training data parameters, including resistance adjustment. This is why there is a total freedom to enjoy cycling training.

*for the moment with Qubo Digital B+ isn’t possible to connect to Real Software.

The Smart B+ Hometrainers can wirelessly send training data via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols. They include the Turbo Muin Smart B+ and Qubo Power Smart B+.

These hometrainers send power, speed and cadence data that can be managed on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with the ELITE MY E-TRAINING app or with all software, apps and cycle computers compatible with ANT+ Power, ANT+ Speed&Cadence and Bluetooth Smart protocols.

Connection is one-way for these hometrainers, so the hometrainer sends training data while the user must adjust resistance levels where possible.

MISURO B+ is a sensor that can be used with any ELITE's non-electronic hometrainer that sends speed, cadence and power data via both the ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols.
You can turn your regular hometrainer into an advanced digital tool by using the MISURO B+ and the ELITE's MY E-TRAINING app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You'll be able to monitor the most important training data and turn the indoor training session into a more interactive and interesting experience. 
MISURO B+ is also compatible with all software, apps and cycle computers with ANT+ Power, ANT+ Speed&Cadence or Bluetooth Smart protocols.There’s one-way connection here too, so the user will have to adjust resistance levels where possible.
It is also possible to combine the MISURO B+ with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart technology cycle computers, so you can pick up indoor training data directly on the cycle computer and have all your outdoor/indoor training data in only one device.
ELITE's Smarter Training hometrainers give you interactive, simple and personalized training sessions by using tools such as software, apps, computers, smartphones, tablets and cycle computers that are part of our everyday life.

There are no limits to indoor training with ELITE Smarter Training hometrainers!