Elite partner with BIKEVO

Bikevo project supported by Elite DRIVO

Bikevo is the result of cooperation between sports coaches and international champions with the purpose of sharing all those competences and necessary skills among cycling enthusiasts to improve their activity on two wheels.
Any cycling enthusiast, no matter the age or performance level, can maximize training sessions results through a 12-week training program that makes the best use of their time.

Training sessions are shown via 24 or 36 videos and propose SFR (Slow Frequency Repetitions), power, threshold, resistance, max V02, agility and sprints protocols and are specifically designed to ensure the best possible performance to the cycling enthusiast.
Elite supports these training sessions by supplying the Drivo Interactive trainer to 2008 World Champion Alessandro Ballan, the main coach on Bikevo's videos.

Drivo is the perfect Bikevo partner throughout all video-sessions as it offers Alessandro Ballan the right tool to show the goals of the program with great accuracy.