"WIN L'EROICA" contest regulation

Contest rules
During the contest users will be able to compete for 3 race bibs for the Eroica 2017 in Gaiole by uploading a picture showing them or their bike on the official Elite Instagram (@elite_cycling) and Facebook (@EliteBikeTraining) profiles. 
The copy combined with the picture will have to at least include the #TimelessGlory, #vintage  #Elite hashtags.
All pictures will be evaluated and the 3 winners of the contest will be selected.

Evaluation parameters.
The evaluation to select the winner will be based on how much the picture adheres to the "vintage" cycling theme, the originality and quality of the picture. 

The 3 winners will receive a race bib that will grant them the right to enter the Eroica cycling competition on October 1st 2017 in Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy.
Only over 18 years old people have the right to partecipate.
By 7 days after the end of the contest, a DirectMessage will be sent to the winner from Elite's official Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Winners will have to provide the company promoting the contest with the following personal info within 3 days of notification: name and family name, address, date of birth, telephone number.
Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash and are not transferable to third parties.
The organizer reserves the right not to deliver the prize if:
- Complaints arise over who owns the rights to the picture;
- Participant does not fulfil the required conditions to participate to the prize competition;
- Participant does not supply his personal data or supplies incorrect data (name and family name, address, date of birth, telephone number).
Should the winner be excluded based on one of the aforementioned conditions, the prize will be awarded to the participant that, based on competition rules, has classified immediately after the excluded winner.
Contest prize is to be regarded as consideration for the original work and as acknowledgement of personal merit.  

Further info
Elite, the company promoting the contest, will use the works that have been evaluated as the best for its own business promotion by posting them on Elite's official website and/or in his official social media profiles. 
The participant to the competition guarantees the organizer that he/she is the owner of all copyright and property rights on the picture and agrees to fully transfer all rights to the company promoting the contest. The participant also authorizes Elite to post and/or share his/her images on Elite Srl social media profiles, on print and/or any other social media platform, for free, with no time limits, pursuant to articles 10 and 320 of the Italian Civil Code and articles 96 and 97 of Law 22.4.1941 nr 633, and authorizes Elite to store pictures and videos on the Elite Srl company databases and acknowledges that the purpose of such publications is merely informational or promotional.
Participant may opt out of this authorization/release at any time in writing via e-mail or regular mail.   

Regulation publicity
Potential changes made during the contest will be comunicated to participants following the same way othe communications are disclosed.

Elite shall not be liable for any internet malfunction that might obstruct the user to access or take part in the online contest. 
Any participant is entirely responsible for his/her own actions. Should the image sent represent a subject different from the participant, the participant bears full responsibility for the image sent and accepts its publication and use in accordance with the competition procedure. Moreover, for instance, Elite shall not be liable for any issues regarding: • telephone connection; • Hardware or Software material; • human and/or electronic errors; • disturbances that might hinder the progress of the competition. Elite shall not be liable for the physical incapacity of participants to use the internet.

Privacy policy   
Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003, please find the following policy info on the processing of your personal data sent by you to take part in photographic contest: 1. Personal data spontaneously provided by you shall be used exclusively to enter you in the “Elite #TimelessGlory” contest and will be treated with due care and diligence in compliance with the rules on Privacy for the following purposes: identify the participants, posting the list of winners, delivering prizes to winners and possible use of the photographic works.
Your personal data will be processed by using suitable means that guarantee your safety and confidentiality also through automatic systems by Elite (data controller) on its premises. 
The following personal data you have entered: e-mail address, will not be communicated to or shared with third parties. 
Data processing duration is limited to the period of time the contest is valid and will be permanently deleted within 90 days from the end of the contest.
You may exercise your rights towards the data controller at any time pursuant to art. 7 of the Privacy policy, specifically concerning editing, integrating or deleting data. Such rights can be exercised by sending a written request.
Please note that any request to delete personal data will entail your exclusion from the contest.