7 MY E-TRAINING MOBILE & DESKTOP REALVIDEO More than 70 RealVideos are available for Trainers and rollers. For a complete list visit . For targeted and personalized training, RealVideos are available in three difficulty Levels: Sport Training - Intense Training - Pro Training. TRAINING PROGRAMS C reate training programs based on: - level mode (mobile and desktop version) - free training (mobile and desktop version) - power - time (mobile and desktop version) - slope - distance (desktop version) - power - distance (desktop version) - elevation gain - distance (desktop version) - slope - time (desktop version) MY REAL VIDEO More than 1000 myRealVideos for free, recorder by users from all over the world. MAPS COURSES Google Maps lets you create personalized courses from anywhere in the world and match the pedal resistance based on the altimetry to that you would experience on the real course. Maps can be displayed in many ways: Simple Map - Satellite view - Elevation mode - Perspective view. Google Maps can be activated while riding and displays the on-screen course and rider’s position. It is also possible to create new routes from your favourite rides and to check for updated course data. TRAINING TEST The Training Test is your virtual coach. In order to evaluate a cyclists’ perfor- mance level, the software conducts an incremental test and creates a 4-week training plan based on the results. Each Training Test phase indicates the proper heart rate that the cyclist should maintain in order to get the most from a training session.